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Our Story

Health Donation Fund is the largest health community connecting nonprofits, donors, and patients in nearly every country offering health support.

Our Story

Health Donation Fund is an organisation aiming at improving health throughout the world by investing in medicine that will cure chronic diseases and research studies. Furthermore, we directly help patient with cancer, diabetes and chronic heart condition to get early treatment and medication to live a longer happy and safe life.

Health Donation Fund was created in March 2012 to help patients with no money to receive treatment of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabets and cancer through donation fund collected from donors and investors.

We believe that when we work together to support those in need of health support through donation will ensure that all of our neighbors – today and in the future – will have an opportunity to thrive and reach their full health potential. The good health of our community depends on your donation.

We are currently raising additional $10m from the current $6 to extend our patient reach to eastern europe, south east asia, africa and south america. Part of the funding of $2m will directly go to research studies for medicine


The Health Donation Organisation raises funds and develops strong and sustaining relationships to support the highest level of health care through the funding of chronical diseases treatment and medical research all over the world.


The goal of the Health Donation Fund is to continue to be the leading health organization which supports health treatment and medical research by donating to all in need.

Our Team

The Health Donation team is made up of data nerds, software engineers, and former Peace Corps volunteers, business people, grantmakers, and World Bank executives. Some of us came from academia and many have spent our entire careers in the social sector. We’re united by the conviction that good ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Barnard Wax is the President and CEO of Health Donation Fund since 2012. Mr. Barnard Wax is leading the growth of funding people suffering from chronical diseases such as cancer, diabets, heart dieases and more. Combining a career long commitment to building healthier communities, Mr. Barnard Wax background includes working as Vice President of Community Services with the United Way Ottawa.

He holds a bachelor degree in communications from the University of Ottawa. Inspired by the fight against chronic disease and saving lives through medical research, Mr. Barnard Wax has an unrelenting commitment to achieving greater recognition of the impact of disease on our families and communities.