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Help Cancer Patients Find Bone Marrow Donors!

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May 6, 2014
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Russia and the former Soviet Union lack national bone marrow donor registries. The patients have to pay 5,000 euros for the donor search abroad, plus 13,000 euros for harvesting of the stem cells and their delivery to the hospitals. Our goal is to help 30 low-income patients a year.

Health Donation Fund Support


Russia and the former Soviet Union lack their own bone marrow donor registries. Cancer patients who need the transplants have to pay out of pocket for the donor search abroad, collection of bone marrow, and delivery of transplant. Many cancer patients are unable to afford the donor searches, which delays transplants and worsens outcome.

Our Solution

Our contribution to the cost of donor searches will allow starting donor searches timely and will help patients have better chances to overcome cancer.

Long-Term Impact

Improved survival of cancer patients who undergo bone marrow transplantations.